Harman Kardon Go + Play discounted deeply at Fry's Electronics


This portable stereo packs some serious bass and clarity. I have had mine for over a year now and absolutely love it. The batteries last seemingly forever when not using the included power cable. It is smart enough to not charge a docked iPod when not using the power cable as well. It has an RF remote control plus a handy cabinet for storing it. The Go + Play has an additional auxiliary input, a USB passthrough, and s-video out for passing video from the iPod to a television or other video device.

Now for a few tiny drawbacks. 1 - iPhone 3G is not compatible! This isn't quite as serious as it sounds, however, because the auxiliary input on the back can still be used to connect the iPhone to the system, and what happens if the phone rings? It would be very difficult holding this 10lb unit up to an ear! 2 - iPod Touch will work, but doesn't quite fit perfectly in the iPod cradle. It DOES fit well enough to be safe and I haven't had any problems using my iTouch with this system.

I am bringing this to your attention because I noticed that Fry's Electronics has placed this item on sale from $349.00 down to $199.00 - and it is every bit worth the full price. I didn't see the price marked down in the store this weekend, but it is definitely in the circular ads that are probably in your recycle bins.