Spirits in the Material (R&D) World

One interesting item that film historians always note about "Star Wars" is that it was the first sci-fi film to really usher in the idea of a 'dirty' future. Before that sci-fi tended to have a very clean, streamlined look to it:


But in Star Wars you have ships like this:


These both come from completely different schools of thought, but if you had to ask yourself "which one would I want to take a joyride in?" it'll be the falcon that wins everytime. It looks like an unholy scrap yard amalgamate, but there's just something about it that speaks to the devil on your shoulder.

Back to present day, lets take a look at Apple's latest portable:


Its cool, its clean, and it does all of this while being the sturdiest portable they've built since the PowerBook G3, but it also evokes a certain emotional sterility...

Enter Lenovo's newest ThinkPad:


Yes, that is a second pop-out LCD panel. Along with a numpad, fingerprint scanner, Wacom digitizer, TrackPoint and touchpad complete with two sets of fully redundant mouse buttons. It packs all of this in an 11 Lb. package sure to strike fear in the hearts of hipbones everywhere. And yet, it still has a certain elegance to it. Its massive overkill for a great majority of mobile users, and yet you can't help but admire it. Overall, the MacBook Pro is a far better compromise for road warriors, but you have to admit that if one landed in your lap you wouldn't be able to resist taking it for a spin around the moon and back...although I'm pretty sure that this clunker would evoke actual sterility should it land in anyone's lap.