Amazon says 2008 holiday shopping up 17% over last year

image.axd.jpegSo in the rare good economic news these days, Amazon reported they shipped 5.6 million products on their busiest day of the season. This was a 44% increase over 2007's largest volume day.

The article at Wired speculates that Amazon's success may primarily be based on their great discount prices. As a tech guy, I would like to think it is also tied to technology helping people come to their senses and realizing that they can do all their shopping from the comfort of their couch AND still get a good deal.

In a related story, and one that supports my desire for folks to begin using common sense during the holiday season, a Long Island Wall-Mart employee was trampled to death when overzealous "black friday" holiday shoppers could not wait to be the first to get into the store. I mean really... someone was killed by crazed bargain hunters!