So what is InBox ZERO?

Ok folks...

So many of you have already heard me talk about the concept of InBox Zero. It is presented by Merlin Mann of 43 Folders fame. I was introduced to Merlin thru a number of the tech related podcasts I listen to and was impressed with his wit, creativity, insight, and no BS outlook on tech.

I came across this presentation he did for the folks at Google where he explains the in-box zero concepts. As you might imagine, being in the computer industry I often feel overwhelmed by quantity of email I have to deal with on a daily basis. Long story short. I have been working to implement IN_BOX ZERO into my daily work life for a few months now and it has made a real difference for me.

If you feel like email has become a huge time suck for you, I would suggest you set aside the 55 minutes it will take to watch this video. I think you will find it a huge help even if all Merlin's tips don't work for you.

Here is a snippet from Merlin's site to wet your appetite and get you motivated to take control of your email!

43F Series: Inbox Zero [Introduction] - “Clearly, the problem of email overload is taking a toll on all our time, productivity, and sanity, mainly because most of us lack a cohesive system for processing our messages and converting them into appropriate actions as quickly as possible.”