Happy 25th Birthday to the Mac


On January 22nd, 1984 during the halftime of Super Bowl XVII, Apple announced the Macintosh. This marked a number of first, not the least of which was that the commercial Apple aired  was only shown once on television. Of course, it has been viewed millions of times since on the internet, in advertising classes, and in news stories on TV that were talking about the groundbreaking add.

The commercial was directed by Ridley Scott and remains a landmark in the advertising industry. The "product" was never shown, it was directed by a big time hollywood name, it took direct and not so subtle shots at IBM and their customers, and it started the trend of high expectations for expensive commercials during the half time of the Super Bowl. It was also the first of many times that commentators stated " the most interesting thing at this years Super Bowl was the add at halftime".

CNET has some excellent coverage of the Mac anniversary including some pictures of the many Mac models throughout the years. Of course, I have owned almost all of them at one time or another. Sadly, I did not purchase one of the 20th Anniversary Macs (designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Apple Computer) when I worked at Apple. Cruise on over the CNET's pictures and see if you can name all the models.