Apple announcements @ MacWorld 2009


Hey folks...

I sat in on the keynote this morning by Phil Schiller, and although he is no Steve Jobs, it was overall a very well delivered presentation. There were no earth shattering announcements. Just 3 things (as Phil said) plus their standard "one more thing". Basically a new iLife 09, a new iWork 09, and a 17" MacBook Pro. The one more thing... NO MORE DRM ON ITUNES!

DRM is digital rights management for those that do not know. So basically all iTunes music you purchase will soon have NO copy protection attached to it. Apple calls this iTunes PLUS. The removal of DRM is a HUGE deal I think and one that if you had not run into problems with yet... know that it was only a matter of time.

The other significant announcement was iLife 09. The upgrades to iPhoto include features like face recognition. The upgrades to iMovie include image stabilization and detailed editing features. None of this is very easy to talk about in a blog, so I suggest you go to Apple's web site and take a look at the videos. There is a separate page for iLife and iWork as well as info on the 17" MacBook Pro. You can also watch the full 98 minute keynote presentation as well.