Apple builds a better "mouse" trap...

magic mouseSo Apple introduced some new iMacs today (including a 27" iMac), some new Mac Mini configurations, a redesigned unibody MacBook, and the new Magic Mouse

Although most of this seems like simple specification changes, I think there are some compelling offerings hidden here. Not the least of which is a 27" LED iMac for $1700. It was not so long ago that just a monitor of that size was $2,000. Also, a $999 Mini including $500 worth of server software is going to be very compelling for a lot of small businesses. And lastly, the reason we all are such Apple fan boys... stuff like the Magic Mouse. I will let you know how it "really" works, but the demo's are compelling. At least for how I work, I am very excited about getting multi touch options on my wireless mouse.

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