Pages 09 - Sharing made easy

overview_pages_subtitle20090106.gifWe just discovered this feature recently and wanted to share it with you. As die hard iWork users, we know that many of the folks we work with are not as lucky as we are and are forced to work in MS Word on Windows. Although working with Word users in past versions of Pages only required an simple export, Pages 09 has made that process even easier.

As most of us collaborate via email, there is now a new "Share" menu in Pages that allows you to share your file via email by simply selecting a menu option. You also get the choice of sharing the files as a Pages, Word, or PDF document. When you share this way, Pages will automatically launch Apple Mail, convert the file if needed, and attache the document for you.

Easy as one (choose share option), two (address the email message), three (hit the send button)!

Apple has posted a quick video about how to work with Word users if you want an an audio | video version of this tip.