Year without Cable TV - a geek experiment

yr_wo_cable.jpgMy family and I have embarked on a one year experiment that many in the ultra geek world have been involved with for some time now but that I expect is still 5 years away from becoming main stream.

We are going to try to live without any type of TV subscription service for a year!

Un-American I know. That means no cable or satellite paid TV service. I am not sure I can tell you why we are doing this... other than a desire to see if it is actually possible to cut off cable and still watch the media we want... when we want. Ok, so maybe the fact that the costs keep going up and customer service for the cable companies is more like customer abuse (insert your favorite Monty Python reference here).

Our parameters are simple (so far). We have eliminated our cable TV and Tivo service. We maintain a hight speed internet service and we of course are not dropping our Netflix subscription. I'll be periodically posting updates here about problems, solutions, successes, failures, and general thoughts about how the process is proceeding.

We have been cable-less for all of 2009 and so far the results have been better than expected. It has been a rough start as far as systems and hardware and finding alternate sources for the media we like to consume, but things are starting to flush out and I will be writing about this moving forward.

If you have not yet heard of... YouTube, HuLu, AppleTV, Elgato, Pinnacle, Roku, Boxee, ATVFlash, Harman Kardon, or InFocus.. you will soon.

Stay Tuned ;-)