Myst now on iPhone!

3504908763_1fdb9725b0_o.png Anybody else remember the Myst series of games? They were fantastic interactive puzzle / mystery games. No shoot em up body count kind of stuff. You actually had to use your brain. I used to play with my daughter in front of the computer. Both of us fighting for control of the mouse... "no... go thru that door and try the key on the safe behind the painting!".

Now if you have room (700mb) you can get it for your iPhone for $7. I have not purchased it yet, but I think I will if even just for the nostalgia of it all.

Also interesting to note that a game that could bring some computers to their knees back in 1994 with all the interactive rendered graphics... is now running on a phone!


ps... click on the picture for a link to the Wired story