Pages '09... one click pdf to email

Hey folks,

Just a quick tip to share. If you are using the new iWork '09, you may not have found the "Share" menu yet. Sometimes it is the simple things in software that make you think "How did I ever live without that before?".

So the old way to get a Pages document to someone who did not have Pages was...

export the document as pdf or word, save that file somewhere on your computer, go to email, create a new message, find where you saved the exported file, attached it to the email message, then address and send the message.

The new way is...

go to the share menu and choose share via email, address and send the message

(pdf is created automatically, email launched, attachment added all with the single menu choice)

This is all well and good and a time saver, but the other hidden feature I love is that I am not managing a bunch of outdates exported files on my computer. I just work from my ONE Pages file and email pdf's for Word docs direct from the file without creating a ton of duplicates on my Mac.

If you don't yet have iWork 09, you can learn more and download a free demo at