iPad.. my first impressions

 Hey folks..

So Envision Design purchased an iPad yesterday (the joys of our work in that we MUST do things like this as it is part of our job description) and late into the evening I was able to play with it after my wife and daughter went to bed. I am sure I will write in detail more about the device later, but I wanted to do a quick 5 minute post on my first impressions.

ONE | it is elegant and well designed like most Apple products. I know that may make me sound like an Apple fan boy (which I am of course), but I am a fan because my architecture background trained me to appreciate great design and well executed problem solving. For me, design does matter.

TWO | it is FAST. I have a 3G iphone and over time, it has become more and more sluggish. Could be AT&T's network or that I keep the thing 3/4 full, but in any case I find myself waiting for scroll's or tapping the wrong button as the phone is lagging behind my fingers and my mind. That may happen as we load the iPad with lots of fun "stuff"... but last night... it was fast and smooth and, well... simply fund to explore as I was zipping around from one thing to another and never waiting on the thing (sorry, I still have problems saying and writing iPad) to keep up. 

THREE | watching movies on the iPad was awesome.... and I was watching a steaming movie off the new Netflix app for iPad (sorry... still no iPhone version as of this morning). Of course, this is a WiFi version and I was on a good connection at home, but still there was no pixelation and no pauses and the image was crystal clear... and that was streaming. Cant wait to see what a purchased and downloaded movie will look like.

Well, that is about it for first impressions. As you might have guessed, I am very pleased. I will add my prediction that this device will be a huge success. I know there are many nay sayers. May folks wanted and expected the iPad to do everything from make coffee, to wash the dishes, to video streaming and conferencing, to editing full length motion pictures and were disappointed with the final feature set of this version one product. The primary mantra of the nay sayers... "this is a niche device in search of a market".

As a computer consultant who deals with a lot of actual Mac users, I will tell you that I think one part of that statement is true, it is a device that will fill a niche. However, I think it will fill so many niches that it's success is almost guaranteed. And, like the iPhone, it has defined and new device type and has set the bar very high for those competitors who want to compete in this market.

Just a few "niches" I have heard people get very excited about... digital books, medial applications, portable media play, great gaming device, business presentation tool, sketch pad, magazine subscriptions, super light device for email and internet, word processor and spread sheet work while traveling, portable cash register, and 100 more that we won't know about until the developers show us what they are working on over the next 8 months.

And last thought for this morning... so if you are interested in ONE niche (digital books)... do you pay an extra $200 or so over something like the Kindle from Amazon for all the added features (color, browse the web, read email, watch movies, pacify the kids on long trips, play games, blog, work, maps...)?

For me the obvious answer... you betcha.