30 days of iPad | d1

Call me crazy, but today was day one of the ultimate downgrade. I'm trading in a perfectly good aluminum Mac Book for an iPad 3G and an older intel Mac Mini desktop.


This should be an interesting ride as I've lived off mac notebooks only for the last 10 years. I've become very used to having EVERYTHING with me at all times. And I'm not just talking email and Internet, computer drafting apps., accounting software, graphic design, myriad geek tools, remote control of other computers, movie editing, web site design, and a hundred others I won't list here.

So why would I give up the power of a desktop in a notebook for what has been called a big iPod touch?
The practical reason is a new employee who needs a notebook more than I do. The real reason is because I was un prepared for how elegantly simple and instantly addicting this device would be. I believe that in the same way the iPhone completely changed what we expected of cell phones, the iPad is going to completely revise what we expect from our "portable" computers. I expect this to be a rocky road this early in the game, but I'm going to give it a shot and try to blog daily about my experiences.

So the Mac Book data has ben transferred to the Mini and a clean install of Snow Leopard done.

Here goes nothing. Actually here goes the biggest downgrade in tech for me since the late 80's when I went from a VAX/VMS mini to a IBM desktop.