Share files between your desktop and iOS devices with Tonido.

I came across this great little server app while watching the latest episode of the Linux Action Show. Yes, I'm a nerd. Tonido is little server that runs on your desktop computer (Mac, Windows or Linux), but the thing that sets this little server appart is has an iOS app that runs on your iPhone or iPad. This app enables you to directly access your documents on your computer with your iPad or iPhone.
Tonido also let you access your files remotely, by giving you a web url that enables you to log into your computer remotely, in case you need to get a file from your home computer while you are at work. I have tested this, and it works well, but it is a little slow depending on your internet connection. However,  if your desktop and iOS device are on the same network, sharing works VERY fast. It also works with Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.
You can get the server app from their website at:, and you can get the iPad/iPhone app on the iTunes app store here.