iPhone 4S is it 4G or not?

AT&T was petitioning to have the new iPhone 4S classified as a 4G device. I was fortunate enough to have my iPhone 4S delivered on Friday, so I decided to test its speed. Here is the result of my test. Running on AT&T's 3G network, from my home with 4 bars, I was able to get over 4Mbps download speeds and over 1Mbps upload speed. After a little research I found that 3G speeds are supposed to be anything between 144Kbps and 2.4Mbps, so it is definantly faster than traditional 3G speeds. However, real 4G speeds can top 50Mbps speeds. So, I'm not sure the new iPhone can be classified as "4G", BUT....it IS a lot more zippy than my iPhone 3S. There is no doubt about that.


Next I will look at the redesigned antenna to see if I have fewer dropped calls. By the way....Siri is a HOOT! I've only just started using it, but I think this may be the WOW feature of the iPhone 4S.