Get it while it's free!

Last week cloud storage provider made the IT world a offer most will find hard to resist. The offer is 50 gigabytes of free personal online storage for anyone who downloads the new updated app and either registers for a new account or logs in to there current account on there iOS device . How does this offer compare to Apple's new iCloud service.  Well this is ten times the free amount you get with iCloud, and the cloud storage space will be yours forever and did I say it is completely FREE.  No strings attached. WOW!

Even if the company closes it's doors in the future how much money will this save you in the mean time?  Currently, 50GB on a Dropbox account costs $10  a month and a 50GB iCloud upgrade will set you back a $100 a year. I think this is a no brainer for the people who have been holding out on the cloud computing revolution.  Anyway this offer is not forever, says the offer will end on December 2, 2011.'s blog says that there is a similar offer for Blackberry and Andriod Tablet users.  Still waiting for confirmation that the offer is extended to Blackberry and Android phones users.

Take advantage while it's free.