How to Improve on the Best? iPhone 4S

As you all know today Apple introduced the iPhone 4S.  We are not quite to the iPhone 5, but there are still plenty of notable hardware upgrades which include:


  • Apple's dual-core A5 chip which means more speed!  Something we all want at one time or another.
  • A new camera that has a 8-megapixel sensor and advanced optics, 1080p HD video recording, this means you can shoot pro-sumer quality pictures and video.  Also, now in IOS 5 pictures can be edited right on the phone, but more on that later.
  • The biggest, most noteworthy new hardware feature of the iPhone 4S is that it's a world phone! The 4S has both GSM and CDMA technologies built in. This means we can roam(additional charges may stll apply) in over 200 countries worldwide using GSM networks and our iPhone 4S can be a phone and not just a iPod over seas.


Okay now on to the fun stuff. Software!!!! Apple says, IOS 5 will be available to download Oct. 12th. and with over 200 features I'm ready to stay up late and try to be the first one to download it. IOS 5 will only work on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, and iPad 2.

IOS 5 promises to be a innovation in it's own right.  The first thing that jumps out to me is more twitter intergration(no Facebook app just yet), next the iCloud will finally go live to the masses(interested in seeing how it is different from the now DEAD mobileme).

Then the camera app which in IOS 5 has basic photo editing features like quick enhance, red eye reduction, cropping, and color correction which is automatic.  That alone for me was huge.  Then Apple uped the ante with the shortcut in the lock screen to access the camera right away, so you don't have to unlock and then click on the camera icon, which often means the moment is now gone.  This feature makes the iPhone more like a real camera.   Did I say real camera?  Well Apple has also engineered the iphone to make use of  the + volume button as the shutter button.  Just press the + button and shoot like A REAL CAMERA!

Finally, there is Siri(it use to be a standalone app, then they got bought by the Infinite Loop) , Apple calls this your intelligent assistant that is able to send e-mails and text messages, make dates on your calendar, and take dictation in 3rd party apps that we usually have to type data into. I have never been to big on voice commanded phones(they are nice when they work) but I am looking forward to this one. By the way it is only on the 4S.

So I know the burning question. Is there enough of a difference to justify the cost of the upgrade?

If you own a 3g or 3GS I would say, Definitley!  If wanting to go from a iPhone 4 to a iPhone 4S I would say download IOS 5 on the 12th and see how it perfoms for you with your current apps.  Then make the determination if the 4S is something you must have.

Pre-orders for the 4S start on Oct.7th(via the web most likely) and will be in stores starting Oct.14th and will be available in both black or white.  A two-year carrier contract is required in the US, and is available on AT&T, Verizon, and now Sprint.