He wanted to change the world...

memorial for Steve outside an Apple storeSteve Jobs has passed away. He challenged us all many times to work to "change the world". I believe he was a true visionary and I know he will be missed.

Gizmodo has posted a tribute video  to Steve that takes the audio from the orginal Think Different add and replaces the images with black and white images of Steve. I can think of no other tribute he would enjoy more than to be considered along side those shown in the original video. (shown below)

If you are interested, here is a link to a video of Steve intorducing the Think Different campaign after his return to Apple. Otherwise, please just enjoy the vidoe below and help us remember a creative genius and visionary that can now be added to the list he helped put together for Apple.

note: if you click here, it will link you to a page apple has created where you can send your thoughts to "rememberingsteve(at)apple.com"