Enter The Dragon

 I was poking around on the app store checking out the latest apps, when I came across a new program from Nuance called Dragon Express.  In my iPhone 4s preview I mentioned that I have not yet become a fan of the voice commands progams on mobile phones, like talk to text on the Android, and now Siri on the Iphone4s because of the clunkiness of either the app and or the device(One of my phones is the original Droid).  Also, the translation of my words never seemed to come out right, so I ended up typing out my comments anyway. 

Dictation programs on computers have peaked my interest simply because I'm not a Mavis Beacon pupil(matter of fact I barley passed typing in junior high) so I can see how it could help me speed up the process of typing out a blog post such as this.  I had considered purchasing Dragon Dictate( The Full Version) about a two months ago but decided it was still too expensive.  So when I saw the introductory price for Express was 49.99 I decided to go for it.  

It's only available via the app store and you must have Mac OS 10.7.  Nuance is billing the progam as a "introduction to speech recognition" and It's designed to be simple to configure and operate.  I will be chronicling my experince with Dragon Express by using it to create my blog post weekly.