Get your antivirus groove on.

There is a nasty bug going around on Macs again. The Devil Robber Trojan is a particularly nasty bug that can be picked up by downloading and installing pirated versions of Pixelmator from third party web sites. Pixelmator is ONLY available on the Mac App store and is perfectly safe, if you get it from there. However, there are other non-legitimate sites that offer it for download, and these are the one you have to watch out for.
The Devil Robber bug looks to steal your personal info and send it to various servers. The current iteration is grabbing your terminal history, log files and, particularly scary, your 1Password vault file. Agile Bits the maker of 1Password says that if a hacker doesn't know your password they wouldn't be able to crack the encryption. What you need to ask yourself is: How strong is your password? Mine is pretty good but it's not crazy hard.
Are you scared yet? The fact is Macs are no less vulnerable to viruses and spyware than any other computer. If you don't have it yet, get an antivirus software installed on your Mac and scan your system regularly.
Some recommended antivirus' for Mac are: Sophos AntiVirus, Intego VirusBarrier and ClamXav
You may also want to look at: Little Snitch. It will help you determine information is leaving your computer or what is trying to get into your computer.