Steve was right...

 In an article by MG Seigler at TechCrunch, it is being reported that Adobe will end Flash for mobile devices. The huge success of the iPad (and iPhone) and Apple's refusal to support flash on mobile devices had made this a contentious battle over the past few years. Steve supporters thought Apple was correct and did not want the buggy, battery draining software on their mobile devices. Adobe supporters wanted the "full" web on their mobile devices and developers did not want to be forced to rewrite all thier flash based sites.

In April of 2010 Steve posted an open letter to explain his and Apple's position on Flash. Now it looks like Steve has won this battle albeit after his death.

The good news is that most agree the alternatives that will take the place of Flash will be better and more usable for everyone. Personally, I did not miss flash that much on my iOS devices as it seemed relegated mostly to the long "flashy" intro's to restaurant sites for which I always clicked "skip" anyway.

You can read a bit more history at MG's article here.