Physically Secure!!!



In a time when everyone is concerned about viruses, malware, back doors, and all types of computer exploits over the wire (ethernet cable) and via Wi-Fi, any hacker or IT security guru will tell you that if you give a person physical access to the machine or to the data that's just as dangerous as someone in a far corner of the world accessing the data or machine remotely. Enter a company named Crypteks, they are one of the first to introduce a physically locking USB storage device that has a five character combination lock that provides you with over 14,348,907 possible passwords. Also, the device features a built-in 256 bit AES hardware encryption chip and is made of ultra high-grade aluminum alloy. The finish is a unique anodized layer of paint that will not draw dust or show fingerprints. You can get one in either silver or black and it comes in sizes of 8 GB, or 16 GB.At first I was attracted to the James Bond-ish style of the device but theI thought this could be a more practical way of storing the millions of important papers the we accumulate and stuff in a file cabinet, only to become a fire hazard. With this it would allow me to store all of my important documents in a portable digital format and place it in a water tight fire safe. I could even feel safe walking around with it on my person because if I were to lose it, I feel like a person would be more likely to report it as lost because of the combination lock. The price point is reasonable, on par with other such devices like the Iron Key.

Check out my next blog post to find out the interesting way you can get one.