Enter the Dragon Part II


Two blog posts in and how am I doing with Dragon Dictate express? To be honest talking to your computer takes some getting used to. Having to speak your punctuations and your periods after every sentence is the bulk of your learning curve. Setting up the actual microphone and allowing the application to learn your voice and your speaking rhythm is pretty easy. I also find that the application is pretty accurate in picking up the words that I speak and editing text is much much faster than typing. 

Choosing which application you want to export your words into is kind of tricky, it looks simple but from my experience so far I would say always copy and paste your words into a sticky note until you get your workflow down(I've lost a dictation already). Knowing how your application of choice interacts with DDE will be important to the exporting process.  Is it faster than typing? For me not yet, but I'm encouraged to keep trying.  Overall, I'm enjoying my first dictation program experience so far and I hope that blogging can become a quicker process for me. Who knows I may even start using it on my phone.

 Until next time, the experiment continues.