Paper still has a place along side tech...

fast company articleI was flipping thru Flipboard on my iPad with my morning coffee in hand and could not resist linking to this great article posted on FastCompany a few days ago.

As a "recovering architect" I still have an affinity for paper eventhough my business and my facination is centered around tech. I have found for years that no matter how great the tech, when I am designing, I always go back and forth between paper and computer. Somehow the paper allows for a different thought processs to surface for me. Some would say the problem is simply the tech interface getting between your brain and the "paper". I am not so sure. There is something about the feel of Prisma Colors on paper and the process of designing and drawing while thinking thru a problem that may never be duplicated electronically.

In any case, the article is a thought provoking read for sure. And and of course, stay tuned for a follow up post on how I personally use some tech tools to merge my gadget addictions with my old school need to "draw" and idea.