Spanish Holiday 4 - Where to Stay

One of the best ways to travel thought Spain is to figure out what you want to see, and then to figure out how to get there. As I have said in an earlier post, driving is the easiest way, in my opinion, to get around the country. But, for me, some of the things that I WANT to see are the castles that are famous in Spain for being an integral part of the "reconquista" re-conquest of Spain from the Moors in the 1400s, but also made famous in novels from the likes of Cervantes and Hemingway. If the castle catch your fancy also, I have the hotel for you! The Spanish government run hotels called Paradors that are in places where they want to promote tourism. I know that a government run hotel may not sound like great holiday, but these hotels are often converted palaces and castles that had fallen into dis-repair and converted into hotels. They are some of the best deals for staying in unique places in Spain. I'm currently staying in the castle of Santa Catalina in Jaen which is now a Parador hotel. My large room has stunning views of the countryside below. It was originally a Moorish castle that fell to the future king Ferdinand (of Columbus' Isabel and Ferdinand fame). These are fantastic hotels. The parador in Santiago de Compostella is the oldest continuously run hotel in the world. It is one of the best hotels that I have stayed in. Not only is it a fantastic hotel but it's in a historic building in a fantastic location. My wife and I tend to Parador hop from place to place. It's a great way to not only visit historic sites, but to stay in some as well.

Tip: get the free "Amigos de Paradors" frequent stay card before you leave for Spain to get a free welcome drink upon your arrival at any Parador.