iPen....A New Way of Drawing on Your iPad

Have you ever needed to draw something on your iPad? It's generally fine for basic drawing, but if you want higher accuracy, it's not the best platform. I have been using several drawing programs on my iPad, but drawing with your fingers is not the easiest thing to do. Drawing with a stylus is a little better, but still a little crude. Thanks to KickStarter.com, a new company called Cregle is about to turn your iPad into a digitizer ala Wacom Cintiq. The device is called the iPen and it consists of two pieces, a pen stylus and a digitizer/receiver that plugs into the 30 pin UART port on your iPad. The stylus does not rely on the iPad's touchscreen interface, but instead transmits the drawing signal through the receiver. This gives you greater accuracy in your drawing and also makes it possible to rest your palm on the trans-reflective screen, something you can't do with a standard stylus. The only drawback I have seen is that it doesn't work with every drawing app by default. There is a list of programs that it will work with on their web site. There is also a good video showing what the iPen is capable of.