A resolution you can keep.

So, with the start of the new year many of us like to make resolutions that we break in February. Well here is a New Year's resolution you don't have to worry about breaking. For the new year I resolve to create better passwords for all of my computer accounts. I also resolve to change current passwords that are a little questionable in terms of security. However, better password usually make them harder to remember. Fortunately there are many password keepers that you can use to help you keep track of your passwords. These applications are invaluable when you haven't logged into an account for a while, and you have no idea what the password is. I have been using password vaults for years. The real trick is to be sure to add passwords to the vault every time you create an account or change a password. What I do is add the password to my password vault first then copy it and paste it into the password field at the site.
For several years I have used KeePass as my password keeper, but for the last couple of years I've been using 1Password. I like 1Password because it runs, and syncs, between my Mac, my iPad and iPhone. However, 1Password only uses 128bit AES encryption. This level of encryption is good, and has never been broken, but KeePass can be set to use TwoFish encryption, a level of encryption that is thought to be unbreakable. Whatever you use to keep track of your passwords, remember that a good password is often the only thing that stands between the bad guys and your private data.