Learning Kerio

We have been very busy over the last few weeks getting certified in Kerio's line of products. I have been getting up to speed with the Kerio Control firewall. We have been using them for sometime now, but I have only recently started working with them more frequently. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. Now that I am certified by Kerio to work on them, I have been configuring them for several clients. The ease with which they can be configured is mind boggling. We have some very complicated configurations with multiple Kerio Firewalls all connected together via VPNs. I have been asked recently to add multiple VLAN to one of these configurations. I was able to log into the firewall and configure the VLANs remotely in about 15 minute. This is amazing to me after having to go through telnet hell to configure other "high-end" firewalls. In fact, I'm so impressed I will be adding one to my home network very soon.
If you are concerned with the security of your network and ultimately your data, it's worth taking a look at the Kerio Control Firewall.