Unchain your iPhone from iTunes...

instacast podcatcherDo you listen to any podcasts on your iPhone? If so, you should check out this new $1.99 app I have discovered and now love. Instacast is a podcast client that DOES NOT require you to sync with iTunes to discover, subscribe to, or simply get additional episodes of podcasts. Finally the chain that binds my iPhone to iTunes on my computer is broken. Well, not completely, but at least now when I am away from my computer and run out of stuff to listen to,  all I need now is an internet connection and Instacast.

In the "good 'ole days" (last week) I would have to wait till I got back to my office, make sure iTunes on my computer had the latest episodes, plug in my phone, sync with iTunes... and then finally I would have the latest versions of NPR's freshair, or Tech News Today, or Bill Moyers Journal, or FastCompany.

So if you are also a person who listens to a lot of podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you should definitely check out Instacast. It is cheap at twice the price.

And if you are not a podcast listener, check out what is available in iTunes. I think you will be amazed at the variety of what is out there now. Podcasts... they're not just for Geeks anymore ;-)

Take care and have a great day