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To do this post I have to reveal how truly geeky I am.

So you may be asking why there is a geeky Star Trek wallet post on our blog?

Let me try to answer that by saying that, as many of you know, I call myself a "recovering" architect as that was my profession prior to becoming a small business technology consultant.

Back in the 1960's DuPont trademarked a product called Tyvek. It has been used as a building wrap as it is tear resistant and can keep water out but let the building breath. 

Imagine my surprise when an architect friend showed me his cool designer wallet made of Tyvek. And the clincher for me (beyond finding a star trek wallet among the 100+ designs) was that it is super thin.

Since thick wallets drive me crazy,  I was always taking my wallet out of my back pocket and misplacing it. But now, I have a nice thin wallet that can stay in my pocket where it belongs... except when it is time to pay for something... and to talk about how cool it is.

Check them out at Dynomighty. And take a look at one of their many YouTube videos if you like.