The Sub $300 PC/Firewall box

A few postings back I discussed having learned about Kerio firewalls. I said "I'm so impressed I will be adding one to my home network very soon". Well "soon" has taken a huge step forward. While I haven't actually put the firewall in place yet, I have purchased all of the parts for it. We typically run our firewalls on lower end PC hardware. This has worked out well and older/slower computers make fine firewalls, but they are the size of, well, a full size PC. Go figure. I wanted something a little smaller and, hopefully, quieter. Fortunately, I recently found a slew of mini-itx motherboards with Intel Atom processors already attached to them. This means that I can build a system that will be relatively small, and because no fan is needed it should be quiet. Here's what I bought:

Intel BOXD510MO Motherboard + Processor: $79.99
Antec ISK 300-65 R mini-itx case: $69.99
Crucial 2GB Ram chip: $27.99
OCZ 30GB SSD hard drive: $64.99
Intel Low Profile 1Gb NIC $27.67
Total: $270.63


I had to pay shipping, but the grand total for hardware is under $300.00. I'm now patiently waiting for everything to get here so I can start building.

Next...The Build! Time to geek out!