The Kerio Firewall Box Build...

The next step in my little Kerio firewall adventure is putting all of the parts together. As you may remember, in my last post I talked about the parts that I had purchased for the firewall. This week I will tell you about putting them together. Putting all of the parts together was, for the most part, a snap. I started by laying all of the parts out. I screwed the motherboard to the case. I connected the power to then MoBo and the front USB ports and Audio In and Out (even though I won't use them). I added the RAM to the MoBo, then connected the SSD, and mounted it to the case. Lastly, I installed the extra NIC into the PCI slot and secured it to the case with a screw. From the time that I took everything out of their packages to the time I finished with the assembly and was ready to start installing the Kerio operating system, was 45 minutes. It would have taken less time, but I had to go scrounge some screws to mount the SSD. Only later did I discover the screws I needed in one of the boxes. The one area that I hadn't foreseen was that I no longer own a VGA monitor and this little motherboard only has a VGA out. This posses a bit of a problem as it is a breeze going from DVI to VGA, but is not easy to convert from VGA to DVI. Fortunately, I have friends who come through with such things like VGA monitors. I only hope I can return the favor someday.

Next. Installing the Kerio OS and the initial configuration.

PS...I will be building a second box this week to use in a client's home office.