Building the box...Again

I have built a second PC for use as a Kerio Firewall. I used the same basic parts for this second system as I did for the first. However, this system uses the newer Intel D525MW motherboard + processor combo that runs at 1.8Ghz, and uses DDR3 SODIMMs instead of DDR2 DIMMs. This new one will go into a client's office. For fun I made a quick video showing how easy it is to build these little systems. The total time to build the system was about 45 minutes, but I had a faulty VGA monitor. Near the end of the video you'll see that I took the case back apart to troubleshoot what I thought was a possible bad connection, but after I made sure everything was securely attached, I realized that the, very old, monitor was not responding. So, from the time that I opened the shipping boxes, until the time I had the Kerio OS installed and running was about 66 minutes. This includes the time to troubleshoot the bad monitor. Enjoy the Video.