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Lion is inevitable now, and so the postings from software vendors are arriving with warnings to wait to update to Lion. As I mentioned in my previous post "Don't feed the Lions", we agree that patience is the best practice here. However, we don't always "practice what we preach" and at least some of us here at Envision will be taking the plunge as soon as Lion arrives, so stay tuned here for updates on our experiences.


 Here is the latest from Intuit, the makers of Quicken and Quickbooks for Mac.

Like a lot of Mac users, everyone here on the QuickBooks for Mac team is excited about the upcoming release of Mac OS 10.7 "Lion." You may be wondering how Lion will affect you as a QuickBooks for Mac user.

At this time, no version of QuickBooks for Mac is supported on Lion. We are working hard testing QuickBooks 2011 for Mac with Lion and will keep you posted on compatibility.

QuickBooks 2010 for Mac and earlier Although QuickBooks 2010 for Mac and earlier versions may run on Mac OS X 10.7, some features may not run correctly. These versions of QuickBooks were designed and built to run on the Mac OS version that was available at that time, not Mac OS X 10.7. (We're sorry. Our accountants made us do it.) You can read more here: http://bit.ly/qyca5F

So what should you do? Just keep using QuickBooks with your current, supported Mac OS X version. This will help ensure your financial data remains safe and you can continue working without disruption. The last thing we want is for QuickBooks not to work properly when you need it to. If you must upgrade to Lion, you can set up a separate Snow Leopard partition on your Mac to continue running QuickBooks. You can learn more about setting up a partition at this article by Apple:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4722

We really appreciate your business. Stay tuned for more information about QuickBooks 2011 for Mac compatibility.

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The QuickBooks for Mac Team