Photo editing on the iPad made easy!

For anyone who has a 1st or 2nd gen iPad and occasionally needs to do some quick photo edits with it. Nik software has release Snapseed, a fantastic app for photo editing. If you need to add some localized brightness, contrast or saturation, they have included their "u-point" technology in the app. This gives you the ability to create control points where you can increase or decrease these attributes in a small area. For anyone familiar with Nik software's line of photo editing tools, this is a familiar territory. For most edits, one simply drags up and down on the iPad screen to select what attribute you are editing, and then drag left or right for + or - percentages.

You can also convert images to black and white, add effects and drama to images with only a few clicks OR taps (We are talking about iPads afterall). For those of you who haven't used any of Nik's products yet, this is an easy and in-expensive way to dip your toes into the deep waters of Nik photo editing tools. I have been using Nik's entire suite of plugins for Adobe Lightroom for the last few years. This is a welcomed addition to tools at my disposal. I'm planning to give this program a true workout over the next month or so while I'm on vacation in Scotland, as the iPad will be my only editing platform. Wish me luck.