Snapseed is a breeze

I'm currently in Portree, Scotland and have been using NIK's Snapseed photo editing software since I've been in the UK. I've been shooting with two Nikon DSLRs, a D3 and a D5000 that has been converted to infrared. I'm shooting exclusively in RAW format and have been importing my image files to my iPad using Apple's camera connection kit.
Snapseed opens the Nikon RAW files without any problems. Edits are easy, see my last post for a brief 'how to' on editing. The nice thing about this workflow is that once I have imported my files to my iPad, I can choose one of two options. I can delete the files off my SD and CF cards, so I can shoot more images to them, or I can, and did, keep the files on my cards so I can have a backup of my images while I'm away from my computer.
Once I've finished editing a file I have the choice of saving the file, which saves the image to a separate file than my original. This is nice because I don't have to worry about overwriting the original file. I can also email the edited file, or share it on Facebook or Flickr. You can see some of the images that I've edited here: