The Battle of the iPhone mileage trackers.

If you are a road warrior like me, you drive a lot for your job. As you may well know, it can be daunting to keep track of your daily mileage. For more than a year I have been using Automilez. This app has a good interface and is easy to use. However, It does have it's shortfalls. Lately I have been looking for an alternative. I may have found it in an app called Trip Cubby.
No matter which app you use, keeping acurate records of mileage takes a little getting used to. For instance, instead of hopping into your car and zooming off to your next destination, you must log the starting odometer setting. At the end of your trip you need to log your ending odometer. Once you get over this inconvenience, it is pretty easy to keep track of your mileage.
Automilez has the added benefit of keeping a GPS track of your path and gives you a map with your route laid over it. For the most part it is accurate. However, it occasionally looses its track, and when it does, it often cannot update the trip. This in itself is a bit of a problem, but to make things worse the trip adjacent to the mangled trip often also get mangled (the app will apply the data of the current to the previous trip), making your monthly trip log a mess. Also the GPS feature, while a nice feature, eats up your battery life.
Needless to say I have been looking for something a little simpler that will give me more reliablity. I recently started using an app called "Gas Cubby" to help me keep track of my gas and maintenance costs for my car. While I was downlaoding the app I noticed that they also make a program call "Trip Cubby". Yeah, I know, silly names, but these apps are pretty cool. I'm not sure if Trip Cubby will replace Automilez, but I have been using them both for the last week and, so far, I like TripCubby a little better. It takes a few more clicks to get the mileage input into the app, but it has not lost track of any trips, while Automilez has lost track of 1 trip so far. I will have to recreate the trip manually at the Automilez website. Without correcting the errors, Automilez shows that for the first week of September 2011 I have driven 126.70 miles, while Trip Cubby reports that I have driven 132.5 miles. This is because that Automilez has lost one of my trip completely. And this is for only week of driving. Not only does Trip Cubby seem to do a better job keeping track of the miles I drive, the app is only $4.99 -vs- $36.00+Tax (TX Res) per year for Automilez.
Don't get me wrong, I like the AutoMilez app, and the web interface is very polished. But, they need to do a better job keeping track of and storing my mileage if they want me to keep using their software. In the meantime TripCubby is probably going to win a spot on the home screen of my iPhone.