Minding the Zone part deux...

Okay, so here is the scoop on what went down with my ZoneMinder installation. First and foremost, I HAVE gotten the camera/surveillance system set up and it is running without any issues, so far.
The good bits: It does what I want it to do, and this is to let me login and view camera feeds from anywhere. BUT, at this point it is not doing everything I want.
Here is what I wanted it to do:
1. I want a system to monitor my home and report (email/text me) if there is a breach of any zone (IE: someone enters one of the camera zones). I am still working on getting the zones set up, so I will let you know about that part of the system.
2. I want to be able to view my cameras from an iPhone, iPad or desktop regardless of OS or location. Basically, I wan't to log in and view my camera feeds from anywhere.
3. I want images written to a website when something trips one of the zones, so I have a way to review what happened if my hardware is taken from my home. (What me paranoid? Okay, maybe a little).
At this point, number 2 in this list has been fulfilled. We will se about the other two points.
I am running ZoneMinder on a Linux Box running CentOS v5.7 (it Doesn't work well yet {Sept. 2011} on CentOS v6.0), and I have a PV-183 8 port video capture card from www.bluecherry.net. I have various wired cameras from Swan and Q-See.
So far, I've run into two problems while setting up the system. One was with the initial setup of ZoneMinder when ffmpeg didn't install properly. I needed manually write the location of a lib.so.0 file. Fortunatelly there were some Ubuntu members that were dealing with this very issue. The second problem that I ran into was that, even though the capture card was recognized, I was having erratic connections to my cameras that were attached to specific ports. The PV-183 Blue Cherry capture card is suppost to be able to access 8 video devices at a resolution 640x480. However, as I would add one device it would kick another device off the system. The ZoneMinder Forums were a wealth of information and let me know to turn off the "V4L_MULTI_BUFFER".
It took me a little time and research, but my cameras are now all connected and available on the internet and I have been able to connect to them from my iPad and iPhone.
Next, I will start adding monitored zones that will, hopefully, send me alert messages when someone enters the "Zone".
Until then...