iTunes store Quick View

Have you ever been looking for something in the iTunes store when you're not exactly sure what it is you are looking for? The typical way that I do this kind of search is to do an initial search based on a general topic to get a list of possibilities. I then start the process of honing my search by clicking each item in the list until I find the song, or whatever, that I'm looking for. This process is time consuming because when you click one of the items in the list it takes you to a new page. If the item that you clicked isn't what you are looking for, you have to hit the back button and repeat the process.
I was recently made aware of a small "i" on the lower right side of the iTunes store icon when you hover your mouse over the icon. If you click the "i", a QuickView like window will appear that gives you more info and lets you preview songs etc... This is a big time saver for me. Now I can find the perfect mood music in a matter of minutes. Today I think it will be Lamb of God....Oooo the Gap Band:)