the ultimate remote control for your computer...

Have you ever been away from home or work and wanted to take a look at something on your computer? Now you can do just that from your iPhone or iPad using iTeleport.

iTeleport is a $19 app for iOS that will let you take control of your computer from any iPhone or iPad over Edge, 3G, or WiFi. They have made setup easy even for the non-geek user, but some planning is needed for this to work. That is to say you cant decide on the golf course to buy iTeleport for your phone and then have remote access to your computer.

To set it up, you first install the free iTeleport conncet app on the computer you wish to access. If you want the simpliest setup possible, you will simply authenticate via your gmail account. Quick tip here, if you don't want to use your current gmail account, or you dont have a gmail account... just create one for free specifically for use with iTeleport. It is very simple to setup as shown here on their website.

Once that is done, buy the iTeleport app in the app store on your ios device and login with you gmail credentials and you are controlling your computer from an iPhone or iPad! It is very handy, I had a client call with an issue over the holidays. I was on a 6hr drive to see family but my wife was driving so I was able to pull out my iPhone and remotely solve the issue with iTeleport.

They have also recently announced their app in the Mac app store. So now you can remote control a computer from your Mac as well as from your iOS device. There are of course, other ways to do this via services like Logmein and GotomyPC that have had iPad apps for a while, but most of them are paid services. With iTeleport, you pay once for the app and setup the computer with the free connect software and you are done.

Here is a quick video from their website showing how it all works.