taming lion's reopen tendencies...

In general I have been very happy with Apple's new Lion (OS X 10.7) operating system. I have even trained myself to like the new iPad like scrolling options.

However, there is one "feature" Apple included that drives me crazy and that is the "helpful tendency" Lion has of wanting to relaunch everything each time I reopen an Application or Restart my computer.

So what is the probelm? When I restart or shutdown, the choice to "reopen" is ALWAYS selected and there is no way to permanently turn it off except to engage in some high level geekery in terminal and as the root user. However, I did find a simple, fast, and painless solution that works for me and easily allows me to change my mind if I occasionally do want to start where I left off. (as would be the case powering down to get on an airplane)


I now have established my standard keyboard shortcuts for a quick shutdown in Lion.

...power button brings up dialogue... spacebar UN-checks the "reopen" box... return selects shutdown.

This works for restart as well. Keep watching here for another post soon about how to control the "reopen" behaviour of applications after login.