Adobe Posts Lightroom 4 Beta.

Adobe has just released an update to their RAW editor Lightroom 4. This release is a public beta, and shows off a lot of the new features they have added to Lightroom. For me the best new feature is the ability to build books inside Lightroom. I currently use Aperture or iPhoto for this feature, but Lightroom is my main image editor, so it will be nice to be able to stay inside one app to do all of my work. Another nice feature is the ability to add GPS data to your photos. The mapping feature uses google maps to locate your image location. If you didn't use or don't have a GPS feature in your camera, you can add location data to that image after the fact. There are also many updates to the Develop module. The main change is they have given users greater control over the exposure controls and have added a "Whites" slider that helps modify, you guessed it, the white values in the image. For me, this has made HDR photography unnecessary for most lighting conditions.
While I'm excited about these updates they are only adding features that are already built in Aperture and to a lesser extent iPhoto. I still like the user interface better in Lightroom, and that has not changed significantly. In all this update/beta brings Lightroom inline with the feature set of Aperture and even goes beyond in some areas.