how "sharing" on the web is evolving...

I recently read two great articles discussing the web and how "social media" and "content curation" are growing and changing. 

The first was an article by Om Malik at Gigaom titled "You are what you curate". 

The second was an article (mentioned by Om) by Elad Gill titled "How Pinterest will transform the web in 2012: social content curation as the next big thing". 

Both articles are very interesting reads and the graphic shown here from Elad's blog illustrates well a point that he makes in his article. That we have quickly evolved from long form blogging to short form messaging and are moving toward "push button curation".

If you are interested in these sorts of thing, I urge you to read both thoughtful and insightful articles. If your not sure why this is important, I will share with you my thoughts.

In short, one of the most powerful companies on the web is Google. They make their living on search and they (and others) are scrambling to return better search results based on individuals social graph. What does all that geek speak mean? It means people are no longer simply searching the web for the closest Chinese food restaurant or looking up the nearest mechanic that can service their car. They are wanting to ask their online friends for advice first... or better yet... have their "trusted advisors" suggestions filter to the top of their search results.

In any case, the pace of change and the availibility of and access to really cool stuff is facinating to me. So of course, I have signed up for Pinterest to see what this is all about ;-)