I Like Raspberry Pi

Actually I'm not that wild about raspberry pie, but Raspberry Pi is a different thing altogether. It is a credit card sized PC that has a HDMI connection, a USB, audio out (1/8 + RCA) and uses a SD card for storage. It runs an ARM processor and will have either 128MB or 256MB of RAM. It has a power supply, but can run on 4 AA batteries. The amazing thing is that it will be offered for a whopping $25 for the 128MB Model A, or $35 for the Model B with 256MB of RAM and an Ethernet port.
The idea behind the Raspberry Pi was to create a low cost PC that kids could use to learn about computer technology, but interest amongst geeks like myself have made the Raspberry Pi a success, before it has even been released.
They don't have a shipping product yet, but they have plenty of videos on their site showing the beta units doing some pretty cool stuff. Their site says that the first units should be available to purchase in the next few days. I already have my $25 in hand and waiting for them to be released....