my home screen reorg for 2012...


So along with my other new years resolutions to get organized and clean up around the house, I have reorganized my home screen on my iPhone. In keeping with my geek persona, I previously had every icon on my home screen as a "folder" so I could keep almost every app on the phone "close at hand".

The problem with being tha organized is... you can't remember where you put things! So during a long drive after the new year (when my wife was driving), I decided to populate my home screen with only the apps I use often and relegate all my folders to page two. Here is a screen shot of what made my home screen and a quick rundown of some of the apps you may not immediately recognize.

Camera+ = tons of features beyond built in camera app.

1Password = absolute must password manager (see Richard's post here)

Lose It! = what January would be complete w/out a weight loss app ;-)

Bria = SIP phone client

Yammer = twitter for business... we live on this thing!

Automilez = milage tracking app (see previous post here

MiniBooks = Freshbooks time tracking app

Instacast = podcast app (no iTunes needed!)

Audible = audio books from Audible's website (if you could wear a hole in the screen of the iPhone, I would have to keep moving this app around as I am listening to books all the time)

And in the DOCK... the winners are...

Phone - as much as I hate to... I still have to use my iPhone as a phone ;-)

Daylite Touch - my calendar, addressbook, task manager, project manager, oportunity manager, life manager app of choice. If you are a Mac user and not familiar with Marketcircle's products, you should check them out.

Messages - sms and iMessages are king (I am no teenager, but I hold my own in trying to exceed the limits of my unlimited text message plan)

Flipboard - what can I say except to check out the previous post here... this is my favorite app on iPhone and iPad

You may have noticed that I still have two folders left on the desktop... "Talk" and "Social" but I will save each of those for a future post.

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What's in My Dock... My 4 most used iPhone apps. | Phone | Messages | Daylite Touch | Flipboard | #WiMD

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