who was your phone designed by?

I overheard this wonderful clarification of the current state of the phone OS wars between Andriod, Blackberry, and Apple. It went something like this...

Android was designed by GEEKS for geeks.

iPhone was designed by geeks for USERS.

Blackberry was designed by geeks for IT Administrators.

It is of course a great oversimplification of the situation, but as a recovering architect I know that any "design" is greatly influenced by how you define the problem. I read an article today that affirms these conclusions. Former Apple engineer Bob Borchers recently lectured at a school in California and commented on how the iPhone project directive was delivered. Here is a snippet from the article at Mactast.com

A recurring theme throughout the lecture was that Steve Jobs didn’t just assemble teams of people to create products. The iPhone wasn’t just about running apps and “carrying the internet in your pocket”. Instead, Steve Jobs provided his teams with an idea. A mission. A charge to create products that were intuitive, and that people loved so much they never wanted to be without. Rather than focus on features and specifications with the iPhone, he wanted engineers to focus on the experience. Everything else evolved from that basis.

I should note that I do technology consulting for a living (and thus might be considered an IT Admin). I am also a self described geek and a heavy user of technology products. With that said, I can appreciate the wide open nature of the Android platform and the ability to get under the hood and modify almost anything. I can also appreciate the need to have great tools to deploy and administer mobile devices like the ones RIM provides for Blackberry.

However, in the end... what is most important to ME is the experience of using the device. And that is why I spend my hard earned money on Apple products, because they focus is on the user... not the device.