saturday night live understands techno babble..


If you are like me, you probably did not know Saturday Night Live was still running. I do now as this Verizon spoof add they aired on Saturday has gone viral. I don't normally post comedy here, but the tech angle here is that this would be hilarious if it were not so true. And it seemed a great follow-up to the previous blog post about how so much of the tech industry does not understand their audience. Or maybe it is better said that they design, build, market and cater to only a small percentage of their audience.

Even the Wall Street Journal online picked up on this video and posted and article here about the disconnect between tech companies and their customers. The video link here is to an official posting at NBC... so you will have to wath and add first to see the SNL spot, but if you have ever been confused by all the techno babble, I think you will find it worht a look.