travel case for Apple wireless keyboard...

I know many of us have struggled with the dilemma of wanting the portability of the iPad vs the need to (on occasion) have a real keyboard for extended work sessions. 

For me, the bluetooth keyboard cases are not an option as 90% of the time I want to carry just the iPad and don't want the extra bulk of a bluetooth keyboard case. The docking stations don't work for me either as they are not really very portable. I found I really liked the Apple keyboards, but then I had to have a separate stand for the iPad in addition to my worries about carrying an unprotected keyboard in my bag.

Enter the Orgami Workstation from InCase.

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, this keyboard case quickly converts to a stand / workstation for your iPad 1 or 2. Just pair the bluetooth keyboard and you are on your way. And when you are done, you just fold the case back over the keyboard and your back to just you and your iPad. A much better solution for me than the bulky bluetooth keyboard cases.