Are you a Geek? Read On...

In this set of posts I want to introduce you to some of the Unix tools that I use to do my job. I hope that you find the information useful.
Have you ever wondered what your computer is connected to?
To start topic, I would like you to see what your computer is connecting to over the internet. Many times I have been asked to figure out if a particular computer or server has been compromised my nefarious individuals trying to steal data or use the computer to attack other computers on a network. Now you know why I'm a little paranoid. There are a couple of tools that do this, but I like to use a tool called "netstat".  
To use netstat you have to use the Terminal application. Go to Applications/Utilities and double click on the Terminal app. If you are unfamiliar with terminal, it gives you a way to control your computer, often with more precision than when using the standard GUI tools. Once you have a terminal window open, simply type in "netstat". A shell script will run that collects all of the information about what your computer is connecting to and gives you a list of everything.
To use netstat effectively, you must match what's on the list with what you know your computer is supposed to be connected to. This is where things get difficult. I tend to google unexpected connections to see if these are bad guys, or just things like facebook adding features that I don't know about.