Google...secret admirer or stalker?

Have you heard that Google is changing their privacy policy? If not, you either don't have a Google account (and therefore have not been innundated with emails from them) or you simply don't care.

However, if you watch tech news much, you know there has been much furor surrounding this announcement. Personally, I am not suprised by what Google and Facebook do as their business is based on finding out about you, and then serving you with filtered content based on what you have shared with them. The issues arise when they are collecting data you did not intend to "share".

I am generally ok with thier changes, if for no other reason than to make sure there is a potential competitor to Facebook. I think there are legitimate worries that Facebook wants to BECOME THE INTERNET. They want you to come to and never leave. My preference is for a wider experience, and if Google can unify their myrid of products that may give many of us the alternative to Facebook that we desire.

Om Malik has a great article entitled "Google's new privacy policy: should you be concerned". It is worth a read if you are at all interested in this isse. You may also want to take a look at Google's terms of service  and their new privacy policy to refresh your memory about what you agreed to when you signed up. You did read all that legalese... right ;-)

Here is a video from Google explaning the change from their perspective.